Wednesday, April 22, 2009

MMOshmup Valkyrie Sky holding free beta between Feb. 10 and 12

Starting tomorrow, the worlds first MMO shoot-em up game, Valkyrie Sky, will enter open beta for three days, and three days only. After choosing between one of four RPG style characters, players can navigate a 3D world, interact with other characters and players, and form a party to engage in some traditional top-down shoot-em up gameplay. Of course, MMO staples such as leveling and item collecting are included as well. The press release/colorful flyer indicates all potential applicants should head on over to http://www. valkyrie to join now, but, as of writing, that sites not working. Hopefully everything will be up and running by the time Tuesday rolls around. Posted by Kyle Stallock

Borders Gets Exclusive Twilight Special-Edition DVD

Borders Group Inc. Feb. 9 said it has collaborated with Summit Home Entertainment to create an exclusive special two-disc limited-edition DVD boxed set of Twilight that will be available March 21, the same day as the Blu-ray, standard-DVD and electronic releases. The boxed set of the highly anticipated home video debut of Twilight , which generated $187 million at the U.S. box office and captivated millions of female teen readers of the four Twilight novels, is available exclusively at Borders, as well as on